Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rabbit Ings Walk

Our walking group walk today was slightly different to ones that we had done in the past.  We are usually astounded by the fantastic scenery around us, but today we were in the middle of the old decimated South Yorkshire Mining heartland, on an old coal tip that has been handed back for nature to re model and reshape.
 Long term readers will know that I get very excited about a "named" brick.  Each colliery needed thousands and thousands of bricks and so they all had their own brickworks.  Like the collieries, hardly any of these remain now.
 So these that we found are like real treasure to me.

 It is sad that these industries don't exist here now - so many jobs lost for the breadwinners of families, and nothing to replace them.
The old coking plant remains working here, but not for much longer.  It has been the last independent producer of Coke in the country, but noticed has sadly been served to all the chaps working here - another loss of 140 jobs.  I thought it looked mean and moody on our walk today - exceptionally spectacular and very photogenic.

 And even though we had grey skies, from the top of the old tip, they too looked very spectacular.

 They were holding a craft fair in the Tipi when we got back and they had a lovely warm fire going and a hot dog stand - which we partook in.
I didn't expect to enjoy this walk as much as I did.  But it does make me sad to think we were here at the very end of this area's mining history.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


So the following day, we were in Sheffield.  I wanted to take a photo of "Turners View" from Meersbrook park.  We found this fabulous street art by "Faunagraphic" - on of our favourite Sheffield artists

 The walk to the top of the park where the view of Sheffield is, is very steep!
 But you are rewarded with a very good view of the city from up here.

 There is a print of the original painting  by Turner on an information board, but I remembered that they currently have the original on show in the Millenium Galleries, so after we had dropped the young man off at the railway station we went to have a look at it.  It's tiny - but very lovely.  In fact the whole exhibition "Picturing Sheffield" is excellent - so much so that we are planning a re visit.
 We were treated to a glorious sunset in town.
 This unusual building is now the students union for Sheffield Hallam University.  It was originally the ill fated museum of popular music which didn't really take off.

 And I spotted loads of these fantastic window paintings in all the trendy bars and cafes - I don't know which artist has done these but they are great.

 We hurried past the delightfully lit Lyceum....
 and on to meet friends who had obtained some cheap tickets for the Ice Hockey match for us.
A full day, doing nothing in particular, but lots to entertain us all.

Sunday, 7 December 2014


We had cause to be in Leeds briefly last Friday.  The city was buzzing, and busy and looking very festive.  I took a few snaps for you.

When it's warmer, I promise I will do a long walk around the city.  It has some stunning architecture and they seem to be keen to preserve and re-purpose these amazing buildings.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Cocoa Wonderland - Sheffield

I don't think hubby quite believed me when I told him how totally fabulous the hot chocolate is at Cocoa Wonderland on Eccleshall Road in Sheffield.  He demanded that we paid a visit.

 It's a fab little shop with speciality chocolates sold at the front of the shop and a wonderful cafe for drinks and cakes at the back.
 Of course, you can always ascend up the steep steps to the Butterfly Boudoir.

 Hubby's hot chocolate (on the left) is the thickest warm melted chocolate, and mine on the right is the same, but topped with brandy soaked cherries, chocolate chips and cream!!!!
They have a book club and knitting groups etc in the boudoir too.  It is one of the hidden treasures in our fabulous city.