Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pottery Ponds evening walk

As part of the walking festival, we have been doing evening walks this week.  We have started at 6.30pm and managed to finish just as it got dark.  The walks have all been very local, but we have walked places that hubby and I have never walked before.  As I mainly "sit" at work, it has given me something to look forward to at the end of the day, and the weather has been perfect for it.

We managed to catch a pretty decent sunset on Monday night too.
And a gorgeous full moon.  It was lovely being out at this time of day and be able to notice all this loveliness.
We walked from the old Rockingham Pottery Kiln at Swinton, through Rawmarsh and skirted the Wentworth Estate.  You can see one of the Wentworth Folly's - Hoober Stand -  in the distance.

It was an interesting walk through woodlands and and a lovely old Victorian Park.  After a lovely 5 mile stroll, we ended up back at the Pottery ponds, just as dusk fell.
Forgive the very poor shot of the fantastic old kiln, but it was getting dark by this time.  I am enjoying the challenge of walking between 4 and 7 miles each day.  I wish I could do it every week.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A very yellow springtime walk

The walking group that we joined recently is holding a week long walking festival where they are walking in the local area every day.  I am managing to walk all but 2 of the walks and loving walking a fair few miles every day.  

 The walk was through Barnburgh and High Melton.  Two very pretty villages near Doncaster
 As you can see, we had the perfect Day for it.
 Plenty of our group ended up with runny noses and streaming eyes after a walk through these very yellow fields.
 Several members who I have not met before joined the walk - it's lovely meeting new people and having time to chat as we walk.
 The grass in this field had recently been cut....
 and we think this quite large snake may have been a victim of the grass cutter!!

We wondered whether these holes in this tree might have been made by Woodpeckers.  There were 2 of them - one underneath the other.  I said I would ask you knowledgeable lot as I am sure you will know!!
 And I have permission from his mummy to show you this lovely chatterboxes smiley face.  He keeps me entertained all the way round.  He wanted his photo taking doing a "cheese" whilst eating his cheese sandwich.  Our leader keeps a record of all the individuals who take part in every walk.  Since July 2013 this little 3 year old has walked over 56 miles so far - which I think is truly amazing.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tankersley Parish Magazine September 1915

When I was little, I spent an enormous amount of time with my grandparents who only lived a couple of streets away.  They were more fun and far more interesting than my parents! And  I didn't have to pester much with my Mama's before she gave in!  Their sideboard (which now has pride of place in my home)  was filled with the most fascinating items, most of which I ended up with over time - due to my pestering skills.  One of the items I loved was this very old parish magazine which I didn't realise at the time was from the middle of the first world war.  It survives in a fairly decent state, however the front page came back ripped of when I loaned it to the church to display 30 years ago.

 It is very different to the type of parish magazines that I see these days that are full of adverts for local business.  There isn't one advertisement in here.
 I realised that Mama's had saved this magazine as her brother is featured in the burials section.  Albert was much older than her and she spoke about him often to me.  She seemed to remember the many times he got into bother!  They were a poor mining family, and Albert once went to prison for stealing a pair of boots as he had none to go to work in.
 The magazine shows how every one is pulling together in the war - the boy scouts are helping to get the crops in for Autumn.  In this day and age, I don't think they would be let near that contraption - for health and safety reasons!
 There are lots of stories in it....

 .. and a good section of how communities are springing up and building their own modern churches where there are none.
 I like the section that shows how to make clothing.  I may be wrong, but I don't think food and clothing were rationed in the first world war like it was in the 2nd world war.

 There are also stories with a moral in the tale!

 It makes a fascinating read and I'm glad I have hung on to it all these years.
This post is dedicated to the memory of Albert Otway who I felt I knew through the stories that my Mama's told about him.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

A new exhibition

You know I love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and with it only being a few miles up the road from me, and free entry, I make the most of it.

 Today I ventured to take a look at the new exhibition by this New York Sculpture - I can highly recommend it.

 The exhibits were made from various materials and all very striking.
 Photographs do not do them justice.

 The end room in the long gallery always gives an insight into the artist that is exhibiting and how they work, what inspires them etc.

 I always find this room really interesting.

 But the very special feature of YSP is that it has a vast outdoor exhibition space which shows off these kind of pieces perfectly.
 Don't you agree?

 If you want to see all of the park, it really is a full days work.  It costs £8 to park your car (or you can park in the nearby village for free and walk in), but once you are in, it is free.  There are no hidden costs, all the exhibition spaces are free to enter.  You need to wear sturdy walking shoes (although a minibus can ferry you up to the top galleries ) rain wear (just in case) and bags of stamina.  You will exercise your legs, but you will also have to exercise your will power in the fabulous shop and restaurant!

 We may have a dearth of well paid jobs here in Yorkshire these days, but we overflow with gorgeous countryside, fabulous art, and a wonderful quality of life - and sometimes all in the same place!
 I photographed a snippet of the Rob Ryan commission for YSP depicting the "Grand Depart" which will rake place on the 5th July here in Yorkshire for the "Tour de France" (I hope he doesn't mind,) It is simply stunning.  It is a huge piece and I love it.
 The parkland is great for families, couples and also feels very safe for walking on your own - which I often do.

I know it is on some of your "lists" - it is a really gorgeous place.